The Movement

The MovementThe goals of are to expand the base of leaders and organizers working on childhood obesity issues, and to help them connect with other leaders or with individuals interested in getting involved.

Here are a few suggestions to get started using our free tools to connect with others:

Find Leaders and Supporters

You can search through the directories to find people and organizations that are working to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

  • Supporters: People who have "put themselves on the map" to join the movement and show their interest in learning more about efforts to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.
  • Leaders: People actively working   professionally or as volunteers  to change policies and environments to help children eat better and be more active.

Browse the Map of the Movement
Our Map of the Movement shows the people around the country working to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. Browse the map to see individuals or organizations working in your state or near your zip code, or search for people devoted to specific issues (such as child nutrition). You can then use a contact form to send an email message to people you locate through the map.

Join the Movement
When you register to put yourself on the map, you will be included in the movement to prevent childhood obesity. You can specify your location specific issues you are interested in so that you can be contacted by organizations working in your region or on the issues that interest you most. As a registered user, you will be able to view the full profile information of leaders in the childhood obesity movement as well as send them individual messages.

Become a Network Leader
Register to become a Network Leader to gain full access to all of the tools and services at As a Network Leader you will soon be able to download lists of people in the network for use with your own contact directory or email platform. You can also use our other tools, such as blogger analysis and cell phone tools, to reach out to new audiences.

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