White House Hosts Kids’ “State Dinner”


First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a kids’ “state dinner” at the White House on Monday, honoring young people who won a national healthy recipe contest. The dinner guests were all winners of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, a competition that asked kids and their parents to submit recipes that were healthy, affordable and tasty, ABC News reports.

Although it wasn’t technically a state dinner, the White House made a big deal of the event. Kids and their parents were dressed in formal wear, and White House chef and senior policy adviser Sam Kass interviewed arrivals as they walked into the East Room for dinner.

The affair was such a big event that even President Obama wound up crashing it.

As Kids Head Back to School, Focus Shifts to Meals

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) helps oversee the implementation of new, healthier standards for school meals, school officials are working to ensure students actually eat the new food. Fox News reports that while school nutrition officials provide more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to students, they also are overseeing marketing efforts to make sure students eat these meals.

Study: Obesity Contributes to Cognitive Decline

French researchers released findings this week suggesting that cognitive decline progresses faster in people who are obese, the Atlantic reports. People suffering from obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, elevated blood glucose and high triglycerides were associated with “significant hastening of cognitive decline.”

Obese Americans Struggle with Discrimination

HealthDay released a poll this week finding that obese Americans say they face discrimination and stigma because of their weight. Fifty-two percent of people who are classified as obese or morbidly obese say they think they’ve been discriminated when applying for a job or promotion, for example.

New York City Council, Mayor Battle Over Breakfast

The New York City Council voted this week to ask the state legislature to move toward serving breakfast in every classroom, CBS 2 reports. Only 34 percent of New York City schoolchildren who qualify for free or reduced school meals eat breakfast, the lowest of any major city in America. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg has criticized the plan, arguing that some children would eat two breakfasts and that would contribute to childhood obesity.

Antibiotics Could Lead to Obesity

New research suggests that a surge in antibiotics could be a contributor to the obesity epidemic. NPR reports that when antibiotics target bacteria that is harming a person’s body, the drugs also “knock out some of the microbes that help us,” which include those that help control a person’s weight.  

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