Weekly Roundup: NYC Sugary Drink Hearing, Olympics in London

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NYC Board of Health Takes Up Sugary Drink Proposal

The New York City Board of Health held a public hearing on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to limit the size of sugary drinks sold in restaurants, movie theaters and other venues to 16 ounces on Tuesday. Both supporters and opponents of the proposal testified at the hearing, with supporters arguing it is an appropriate measure to combat obesity and opponents criticizing it as an attack on consumer freedom. Leader Nancy Huehnergarth, who wrote to the network asking people to write to the board in support of the proposal, attended the hearing and shared her thoughts with the Huffington Post. The board is expected to rule on whether to approve the ban by September.

First Lady Helps Kick Off Olympics in London

First Lady Michelle Obama brought her Let’s Move! campaign to London on Friday, where she held an event to support Team USA. Along with supporting the athletes, she used the event to promote physical activity among young people. Let’s Move! is hosting meet-ups throughout the country on Saturday designed to get people active.

Study: Hunter-Gatherers Burn As Many Calories as Office Workers

A new study released this week finds that hunter gatherers burn as many daily calories as sedentary office workers, leading scientists to argue that the obesity epidemic is primarily due to overeating. The Atlantic reports that while physical activity remains important, people must consume less unhealthy food in order to reverse obesity.

A Case Study in Reversing Obesity

The mayor of Somerville, Mass. discussed his city’s successes in combating obesity with week with WBUR, Boston’s NPR affiliate. The city began to tackle childhood obesity in 2004, and is now considered a model for other cities to follow.

Editor’s Note: Many of Somerville’s efforts are funded with grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. is a project of the foundation.

So Cal City Considering Sugary Drink Tax

Cash-strapped city El Monte, Calif., is considering a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, the Los Angeles Times reports. The tax would collect one cent per ounce of sugary drinks sold.

Milwaukee Considering Making Playgrounds Mandatory

In an effort to encourage physical activity among students, Milwaukee officials could soon require all new elementary schools built in the city to include an outdoor place to play, the Journal Sentinel reports. The proposal would primarily impact charter and private schools in the city.

Obese Kids Face Greater Heart Disease Risk

Two out of three severely obese children already have one risk factor for developing heart disease, new research finds. HealthDay reports that of the children with the risk factor, 56 percent had high blood pressure, 54 percent had high levels of bad cholesterol, 14 percent had high blood sugar and just under 1 percent had developed Type 2 Diabetes.


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