Weekly Roundup: Exciting News for "The Apple Pushers"

This week on the blog we looked at a new poll from our friends at the Kids’ Safe & Healthful Foods Project that finds 80 percent of voters favor national nutritional standards in public schools for snacks and a la carte items. We also highlighted a blog carnival taking place over at that also is focused on improving school food. Leaders received a copy of our Inside Track newsletter in their email inboxes on Thursday, which included a feature story on Marshall Reid, a youngster in North Carolina who is leading childhood obesity prevention efforts in his community. Reid and his mom, Alexandra Reid, just released a book talking about their family’s efforts to live a healthier life.

In other childhood obesity news this week:

Apple Pushers Lands Distribution Deal

There was great news this week for Leader Mary Mazzio and her documentary, The Apple Pushers. Variety reports the flick has been picked up by distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories, which will book future screenings and engagements. The film also was featured on some major news outlets this week, including Fox Business, which praised the film for highlighting the role immigrants play in providing produce to underserved communities.

We profiled Mazzio and the film back in January in The Inside Track.

Air Quality Could Lead to Obesity

A new study finds that children exposed to pollution in the womb are more likely to be obese, the International Business Times reports. The study finds that “women exposed to high concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a common pollutant released from coal, oil, gas and tobacco burning, were more than twice as likely to have a child who would be obese by age 7.”

Stress Could Fuel Obesity in Girls

CNN reports that young girls who live in a stressful home are more likely to become obese by age 5, compared to girls raised in more stable environments. Preschoolers who witness a couple of bad events at once have an even higher risk of becoming obese, researchers find.

DanceDanceRevolution Heading to Classrooms

The iconic arcade dance game DanceDanceRevolution is heading to school. reports a special Dance game has been created specifically for the school environment, designed to help students get moving and combat obesity.

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