Weekly Roundup: Web Abuzz After 60 Minutes Sugar Report


Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report on Sunday’s 60 Minutes that highlighted a growing body of research showing sugar is toxic to the body created buzz on the Internet this week.  

On the Huffington Post, author John Talbott commends the program for the report, noting that he quit consuming sugar last year and “emerged from it feeling great.” Over at ABC News, Dr. Richard Besser offers tips for reducing sugar in your diet, including by not drinking sugary drinks such as soda and reading nutrition labels to determine how much added sugar is in a product.

On Twitter, author and obesity advocate Michele Simon wrote: “Instead of sugar, I’d prefer 60 Minutes do a segment on how food industry marketing and lobbying make people sick.”

Did you see the 60 Minutes report? What did you think of it?

Majority of California Voters Support Soda Tax, Poll Finds

Three in five California voters would support the right of local jurisdictions to tax products including soda, alcohol and tobacco in order to help fight obesity, a new poll finds. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the poll shows that most Californians want childhood obesity fought “on all fronts,” including in homes, schools, communities and government spending.

“Happy Meal” Lawsuit Dismissed

A San Francisco judge threw out a lawsuit this week brought by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) against McDonald’s, accusing the fast food chain of using toys to lure children into its restaurants. Reuters reports (via the Huffington Post) that CSPI is looking at a possible appeal.

Americans Might Be More Obese Than Thought

A new study finds that body mass index (BMI), the traditional way of measuring the population for obesity, underestimates how many Americans are obese, Time reports. Researchers suggest instead measuring percentage of body fat to calculate obesity, which could send already high obesity numbers skyrocketing.

Study: Many Parents Don’t Spend Time Outside with Kids

Roughly half of preschoolers don’t play outside with a parent each day, Fox News reports. According to a new study, only half of moms and a quarter of dads play with their children outside daily, one of the things experts recommend to help reduce obesity.

EU Experts Recommend Banning TV from Kids’ Bedrooms

Obesity experts in Europe say parents should remove and ban televisions from their children’s bedrooms in order to reduce their risk for obesity, the Daily Mail reports. School lessons involving television also should also be banned, researchers say, recommending instead active, non-competitive activities that involve the entire class.

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