Weekly Roundup: Get Moving this Super Bowl Sunday


NFL’s “Play 60” Wants Kids to Move on Super Bowl Sunday

While millions of Americans will be glued to their television sets to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, the National Football League (NFL) is aiming to make it the “Most Active Super Bowl Sunday Ever.” New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees announced this week that the NFL PLAY 60 campaign is partnering with Kinect for Xbox 360 to challenge families to participate in 60 minutes of “controller-free active fun” with the game system before or after the Super Bowl.

NFL Play 60 urges kids to get 60 minutes of physical activity a daily to fight childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama Brings Childhood Obesity Message to Hollywood


First Lady Michelle Obama toured Southern California this week to promote her Let’s Move! campaign. Obama paid a visit to a soon-to-reopen grocery store in a low-income Los Angeles neighborhood, highlighting the need to eliminate food deserts. But Obama also hit the talk show circuit, where she urged “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno to eat healthy and faced daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in a push-up competition. (Obama won.)

Sugar Should Be Regulated, Study Advises

Sugar is toxic and addictive and should be regulated and taxed in a fashion similar to alcohol and tobacco, a new study from the University of California, San Francisco suggests. Time reports that not only is sugar high in calories, it also can trigger processes that lead to chronic diseases such as liver toxicity.

Overweight Doctors Less Likely to Discuss Obesity

Overweight or obese physicians are less likely to talk about weight loss with their patients than doctors at a normal weight, the Wall Street Journal reports. A new study out of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that “doctors were likely to initiate a weight-loss conversation with an obese patient 89% of the time and to record an obesity diagnosis 93% of the time if they perceived the patient as being as heavy or heavier than themselves.”

Long Work Hours Put Nurses at Risk for Obesity

About 55 percent of nurses are classified as obese, according to a new study from the University of Maryland. ABC News reports that the researchers cite stress on the job and long shifts that effect sleep patterns as the culprit.

Obese More Likely to Suffer Physical Pain

Researchers at Stony Brook University say that there’s a substantial link between obesity and pain, reports. While studies have long indicated that obesity leads to pain, the study finds that the link is more prevalent than previously thought.

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