School Chef Inspires Students to Eat Healthy Lunches

The Oregonian published a wonderful profile this week of Robert Bragdon, who serves as head chef at St. Matthew School in Hillsboro, Ore.  Bragdon changed the food culture at the school from one that served unhealthy processed dishes to one featuring meals made from healthy and fresh ingredients. Students have responded well to the new program, Bragdon says.

Study: Healthy School Snacks Help Prevent Obesity

Young people who live in states that restrict the sale of unhealthy snacks and drinks in school were less likely to gain weight over a three-year period compared their peers living in states without such guidelines, the Chicago Tribune reports. Pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard writes that the findings make sense to her “as most children, including my own, if given the opportunity, would at times choose vending machine snacks over a healthy school lunch.”

LAUSD Serves Healthy Meals, But Snacks Still Unhealthy

School meals in Los Angeles are among the healthiest in the nation, but students still can buy unhealthy goods at school, the Los Angeles Times reports. Students often buy unhealthy snacks and drinks in student stores, for example.

For Denmark Man, Obesity Inspires Him in Endurance Footrace

A 31-year-old man from Denmark is taking part in his third multiple-day footrace across the Himalayas this week, the New York Times reports. The man is obese, which he says inspires him to continue his journey to show athleticism is possible at any weight.

As Obesity Rates in Mexico Soar, So Do Rates of Diabetes

While the United States struggles to reduce rising rates of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes due to the obesity epidemic here, our neighbors to the South also are in the midst of their own crisis. The Kansas City Star reports that diabetes has become Mexico’s No. 1 killer, due to rising rates of obesity in the country.

Study: Obesity Gene Might Guard Against Depression

Canadian researchers released a surprising study this week that suggests the gene that predisposes people to obesity also might also protect them from depression, CBC reports. This goes against previous findings that suggested obese people are more likely to be depressed.

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